After a trip down south to Atlanta, not only do I have a new found appreciation for BBQ, but also the utilization of a Pluto box LUT workflow!


I have been put into situations on a lot of jobs where we have used a LUT system and or a 1 event CDL’s per scene.  Whether this be to save on not having a DIT on board for the duration of the shoot, or the DIT chooses to simply work in this way rather then a CDL with an event per change in look.  The one additional task this workflow has unfortunately put on anyone processing the dailies is they have to have a really good eye for color.  The reason being is they will now have to manually time every shot and each camera to match.  Not to mention the additional time this obviously takes compared to having a DMT color every shot and be done with it on set…  However my hat goes off to Paul Sommers on this particular job for doing an amazing job ensuring that everything matched on set so that when we actually applied the LUTs there was VERY minimal tweaking!  Not an easy accomplishment.