On a lot of jobs that I have been doing VFX Pulls for, a lot of the higher end VFX clients have been asking for Linear Half Float EXR files.


During these jobs the color space native to the camera had been Log-Cv3.  LogCv3 was also the color space we wanted to maintain throughout the whole chain.  During the output for VFX the files needed to be converted to Linear in order to provide them the spec they were requesting.  What really baffled me for the longest time however, was that the VFX department after importing these EXR’s into Nuke, they would add a node converting the EXRs back into LogCv3.  So why not just receive the files in Log-Cv3 in the first place and skip the need to have this additional conversion in Nuke…

I found this article online written by Steve Write that made this process make a lot more sense!  Therefore I figure I would share the link!