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Linear EXRs ...Why Linear?

Linear EXRs …Why Linear?

On a lot of jobs that I have been doing VFX Pulls for, a lot of the higher end VFX clients have been asking for Linear Half Float EXR files.   During these jobs the color space native to the camera had been Log-Cv3.  LogCv3 was also the color space we wanted to maintain throughout...
Santa Fe Bound

Santa Fe Bound

I have been back for a little while now but thought I would write up a quick note in regards to my last gig in Santa Fe, New Mexico! This job was a lot of fun and a pleasure to work on!  It was amazing to be in such a remote location (compared to some...

L.A Bound

Currently in L.A for Teen Wolf.   Excited to be working on another travel gig and this time in sunny L.A!  A nice change from the current weather back home! Another one in the bag for the Alexa…Seems like this camera has taken over!  It wasn’t long ago that it wasn’t even an option and...