Scratch Lab Build 696 Released.

This new build is available on the support site and has claimed to have fixed the following!

– New RED SDK to deal with new audio format in EPIC footage.

– Various updates and fixes on the OFX plug-in interface.

– The default Mask mode is now ‘additive’. On OS X the Audio (device) settings were not properly saved.

– Under certain conditions when mixing 1D and 3D LUTs the wrong LUT could be loaded.

– Metadata hash code in the burn in (MX[x]) was not properly working.

– Under certain conditions swiping the scaffold list would display the wrong color settings in the controls.

– Under certain conditions clicking / dragging an item in the project-tree could crash SCRATCH.

– This build limits the number of decimals written for CDL parameters in EDL/ALE so the data is never line-wrapped in and EDL.

– The conform ‘Match from Folder’- option now also matches the name-property of the event with the filename.

– Update on the AAF conform implementation dealing with nested clips. On OS X the setting for the maximum amount of shared memory that can be used was increased to 256 MB.

– A reset on the ARRI controls was resetting control values but not properly updating the decoder settings.

– The File browser was not switching properly from ‘Overwrite’ to ‘Create’.

– Clear the alpha channel was not always processed properly for tracks.

– This build uses a new version of the NVidia ANC Library which fixes a number of issues with SDI embedded audio.

– MXF was not generated when the source footage had an audio sample rate that was not supported by the AMT library.

– This build does generate the MXF without the audio.